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SONA 2010

In just a matter of hours, the nation will once again bear witness to a historical event as the newest leader of the country is about to announce his first State of the Nation Address.

Pres. Noynoy Aquino will outline the main concerns of his dear motherland and inform his countrymen how the new administration will deal with it. Surely, P-Noy would not miss the unemployment issue that has enslaved nations worldwide. New projects would be set for the matter in an attempt to eliminate it.

Yet, OhmyJob believes that however the government try to design the perfect employment scheme, it is still up to the citizens, the workforce, the people, to really stand up and start walking towards the employment lane.

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Happy Hunting!

Some people make it look as easy as pie. I’m talking about the fortunate handful we know, who, even before tossing their grad caps up in the air, have already managed to queue prestigious job offers from corporate giants that most of us can only dream of (Well, that secures their conversation icebreakers for next year’s class reunion!).

For us who belong to the greater chunk of the population pie, however, we gear up: a bag of mustered confidence, a driving ambition, and a whole lot of resumes. Off we go for a job hunt.

Some of you who are reading this probably fall into one of these categories. Which one are you? A fresh grad ready for the corporate jungle? A career shifter in search for greener pastures? An employed yet somehow employable searcher? Let’s hope you’re not a (gulp!) laid-off employee.

No matter the reason for your hunt, you can bet that job seeking is an obvious contrast to the steady hum of a daily schedule one may feel over a period of time at work. Sure, you’ve probably visited that place of tension between bright hope and fear of rejection. It hits us in those lagging moments of waiting for an interviewer’s phone call or email, or when your name is finally announced after a lengthy interval, and the hr officer asks you to sit on a chair (electric?) while he or she flips through your resume with an inscrutable countenance.

Yet you’ve got to admit, there’s that hidden fun that goes with the hunt.

Some people get a cheap thrill with good old page-flipping through freshly printed newspaper as they sip coffee in their kitchen at 11am, disheveled hair and all. Just a little action with a yellow green high lighter and voila! (like that satisfaction you get in playing crosswords) … a promising job could be well on the way.

Personally, as shallow as it may seem, I love rummaging through my closet (or the malls) for that professional look (I’m usually just a shirt- jeans-and-flat shoes kind of girl). After all, one has to be presentable and sharp for job interviews.

Others, like a friend of mine says he gets a boost out of meeting and talking to new people while job hunting. I agree. In fact, another friend just recently told me of a funny story about her sister, who finally makes a new acquaintance out of a fellow job seeker/applicant after serendipitously seeing each other three times at three different companies with that same intent of landing a job. What are the odds?

Sometimes too there’s a whole other level of fun when you try career searching with a good friend. Back when I was a fresh grad my best friend and I scheduled a “Let’s Apply Day.” There we were, combing the streets of Ortigas unknown to the term “walk-in applicant.” We passed out our stack of resumes like flyers to company receptionists and guards, which of course, in retrospect, was quite thoughtless. Yet we had a blast laughing hard, exchanging inside jokes as we walked from one building to another, welcoming chances to prove ourselves to the working world. We checked our emails more regularly and thought twice about answering unknown numbers flashing on our cell phones. No, we didn’t get any calls from that “recruit-me rampage” as you might have expected. But it did teach us tenacity and, thankfully, wiser ways in job hunting (I take a more current approach now— speedy searching online, speaking of which, OMJ-coming soon!).

What’s your take on job seeking? What fun things do you like about it? We’d love to hear from you. Go ahead and dish out your thoughts and funny or unique experiences!

Article by Jobberwacky

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